Using Slim + Kaminari in Rails

The Karminari pagination gem doesn't work right out of the box with the Slim templating engine.

In order to get it working you need to use the `==` rendering call in your views.

This essentially tells Rails to render the raw HTML, here is an example:

/ The container tag
  - available local variables
    current_page : a page object for the currently displayed page
    total_pages  : total number of pages
    per_page     : number of items to fetch per page
    remote       : data-remote
    paginator    : the paginator that renders the pagination tags inside
== paginator.render do
    == first_page_tag unless current_page.first?
    == prev_page_tag unless current_page.first?
    - each_page do |page|
      - if page.display_tag?
        == page_tag page
      - elsif !page.was_truncated?
        == gap_tag
    == next_page_tag unless current_page.last?
    == last_page_tag unless current_page.last?