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Base Case Example for How to Test a Python Class

Post thumb docker cheat sheet

Docker Command Cheat Sheet

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Prayer Routine from Eric Liddell

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Ruby on Rails 6: Resources for working with Webpacker, jQuery, and CoffeeScript

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12 Principles of Agile

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How to Add Search Functionality Into a Rails API Application

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How to Convert ERB Files to Slim in a Rails App

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HLEN - Count the Number of Fields in a Hash in Redis

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How to Have a Fallback Value Returned from a Ruby Hash Query

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Steps for Creating and Publishing a NPM Package

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Steps for Deploying a Static HTML Site with Docker and Nginx

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Adding a Stylesheet to a Sinatra Application

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The Determination of Daniel

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How to Setup Prettier with Vim

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How to Install and Configure the Tiny Care Terminal Dashboard

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Common UML Components

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Drag and Drop with jQuery in Rails 6

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Fixing the Bootstrap / Popper Bug in Rails 5.1+

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The Excellent Spirit of Daniel

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Examples of Advanced ActiveRecord Queries