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How to Install and Configure Nanobox for Rails Development

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How to Delete All Ruby Comment Lines in Vim with a Single Command

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How to Vertically and Horizontally Align Divs with Flexbox

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How to Setup Prettier with Vim

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How to Count Page Impressions in Rails

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How to Configure a Vim and Tmux Development Development Environment

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Using the calc Method in CSS

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Example of How to Work with Ruby's Dig Method

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How to Google from the Mac Terminal

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Examples of Advanced ActiveRecord Queries

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How to Unsubscribe from a Subscription in Angular 4

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How to Run a Case Insensitive, Wildcard Search in Rails

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How to Install and Configure the Tiny Care Terminal Dashboard

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Real World Example of Using Flexbox to Align Items in a Web Application

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How to Use Multiple Procfiles in a Rails Application and Automate Process Workflow with Foreman

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How to Use Nested String Interpolation in JavaScript

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How to Integrated the Typed.js JavaScript Library into a Rails Application