How to Install and Configure Nanobox for Rails Development

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Step 1

Sign up for a Nanobox account here:

Step 2

Download the Nanobox application, selecting the VirtualBox option.

Step 3

Open the installer file and select all of the default installation options, including selecting 'Install' when prompted to install the Oracle device drivers and any other elements that the system will ask to install.

Step 4

Open the Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell and type the command: nanobox

If Nanbox is installed properly, it will return the following output:

Step 5

You will be asked several questions in the PowerShell, select each of the recommended options, as shown below:

Step 6

Enter in your username and password for Nanobox.

Step 7

Open up your text editor of choice (Sublime Text, Atom, etc) and follow the steps from this guide to configure a Rails environment:

If you already have an existing Rails appliction that you want to use Nanobox on, you can follow this guide:

Also, the documentation for the boxfile.yml file is out of date in the above tutorials, use the following boxfile contents instead:

Important Note

Depending on your system's security settings, if you get an error when running 'nanobox run' that mentions VTx not being turned on, you'll need to update your BIOS settings and activate the virtualization options in the security tab. Every BIOS system is unique, so your system settings may look slightly different, but one example is shown below: